Healthcare Data Management and Content Solutions

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Tribe Health for Imaging

See Tribe Health for Sharing Imaging Data in Action: Watch a former professional athlete using the Tribe Health patient app to manage medical imaging data related to his injury.

Tribe Health is securing and decentralizing medical data, allowing it to be patient-owned and solving interoperability through a variety of integration mechanisms. Our HIPAA compliant solution securely enables all modes of digital communication, including telemedicine, chat, voice and permissions-based data sharing. 

Patients now become custodians of their data, and can build their 'tribe' of healthcare providers, nutritionists, coaches, family - anyone - regardless of system, location, or health plan, and know that it is secure.

Providers in turn now have the assurance of data interoperability, reduced operational costs, improved efficiencies and improved patient outcomes.

Content Providers and sources can create, curate, and deliver content using our extensible content engine, allowing content creators to target specific groups of users in ANY app built on the AIR Platform.

The AIR Platform

AIR is a HIPAA compliant, decentralized, data and workflow management platform that can integrate with any distributed ledger (e.g., Iota, Solana, Ethereum, etc.).

Our platform provides data encryption and decentralized identity management,
with decentralized data storage. Our ability to integrate with any FHIR-compliant EMR/EHR system provides a way for users and collaborators to have immediate access to their own data or data shared with them for any period of time.

We expose GraphQL, REST, and gRPC API's to allow medical application builders and third party collaborators to define the types of data to be managed, the rules for management and consent, and workflow that should be executed when data is created, updated, or shared.



Travis James

Founder & CTO

Software and Technology Expert – Entrepreneur 


Travis has 25+ years of experience in software engineering development, with emphasis in frontier technologies, such as blockchain. In addition, Travis is highly sought after for architecture advisory and product strategy. His expertise spans multiple platforms such as Microsoft .NET, Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Azure, Amazon EC2 and video streaming (e.g. HLS).

Some of his clients have included Microsoft, HP, Kyani, American Airlines, Couchbase, Talko, Joyent and Intuit, to name a few.  He also is a contributor to the Linux Foundation for Public Health, having published work with multiple working groups related to the use of verifiable credentials to prove COVID status as well as business rules for acceptance of credentials.



The world is in urgent need of solutions that ensure the safety and protection of all individuals, while working toward 're-opening' business, travel, sports and the economy at large.  Tribe Health has assembled a complete End-to-End Solution to do just that.


In conjunction with partners and enabled by our proprietary AIR platform, Tribe Health provides: 

  1. TribeSafe - comprehensive digital contact tracing solution for businesses, communities, and governments. Both mobile and web-based applications.

  2. TribePass - a COVID health and Vaccine status credential that individuals can manage, present and share to allow safe access and mobility without exposing personal data. 

Tribe Health can provide a complete solution that can be white-labeled or customized for use in your specific industry.

Please contact us for more information.



Tribe Health partners with key strategic industry and technology providers that are at the forefront of transforming digital health.


Nex Cubed selects frontier technology companies and supports them with capital, resources, mentorship and community.


Google provides HIPAA compliant infrastructure

The Iota Decentralized Ledger provides our support for decentralized identity and verifiable credentials.